Bathroom Refinishing Wentzville, MO

Bathroom Refinishing in Wentzville, MO. Has your beloved bathroom seen better days in Wentzville, MO? You should try bathroom refinishing by A New Resurfacing to restore your damaged or dated bathtub, shower, sinks, counter, and tiles to their previous glory. Instead of renovating your whole bathroom, refinishing your fixtures can save you thousands of dollars while achieving a great result.

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Bathroom Refinishing Wentzville, MO | Wentzville, MO Bathroom Like New | A New Look Resurfacing

Why Select A New Look Resurfacing For Bathroom Refinishing in Wentzville, MO?

A New Look Resurfacing offers Wentzville, MO residents with economical solutions throughout their house. With over 22 years of experience throughout the Wentzville, MO and Greater St. Louis areas, we utilize the latest refinishing techniques and quality contractor workmanship to rejuvenate your bathroom, making sure that the end result looks new and lasts for years to come. We rely on quality work over a quantity of work and focus on performing the job well rather than just going through the motions.

Our customers in Wentzville, MO are pleased to contact A New Look Resurfacing to refinish their bathrooms, rather than opt for a complete renovation. We stand behind our work and our bathroom refinishing is proven to be effective.

Call us right away at (314) 368-6198 or text us photos of your Wentzville, MO bathroom for a fast and easy estimate or free consultation.

Reasons to Pick A New Look Resurfacing For Your Bathroom Refinishing in Wentzville, MO

  • Reliable
  • Same day service
  • Quick estimates
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable rates
  • Professional
  • Family owned and operated
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Experienced
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

In addition to bathroom refinishing services in Wentzville, MO, A New Resurfacing offers the following to Wentzville, MO customers:

Bathroom Refinishing Wentzville, MO | Refinishing Near Wentzville, MO | A New Look Resurfacing

What Are the Advantages of Bathroom Refinishing in Wentzville, MO?

Whether it’s the bathtub, shower, sink, counter, or floor, your bathroom goes through a lot each and every day in Wentzville, MO. The A New Look Resurfacing refinishing pros can have your whole bathroom looking new again in a few hours. Bathroom refinishing is:

  • Fast – The refinishing specialists from a New Look Resurfacing can complete projects in half of a day. Doing an entire renovation of your bathroom involves countless hours and multiple people, not to mention the days or weeks your bathroom will be inoperable.
  • Economical – A bathroom refinishing in Wentzville, MO can save you anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of the price of a new bathroom. Just a new bathtub alone costs over $3,000, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association.
  • Eco-friendly – The proprietary refinishing procedure at A New Look Resurfacing consists of using only low-VOC, eco-friendly products with low odor. Calling on us for refinishing services is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint in Wentzville, MO.
  • Effective – We refinish bathtubs, showers, counters, sinks, and tile to like new conditions.
  • Easy – We can spot repair scratches, rust, chips, cracks, holes, and fading hues or discolorations. A refinished bathroom can last over 15 years.

Contact our staff now for a quick and easy estimate by texting us images of your bathroom or by calling us at (314) 368-6198 to learn if bathroom refinishing is the best option for you in Wentzville, MO.

What’s the Bathroom Refinishing Procedure in Wentzville, MO?

A New Look Resurfacing uses its proprietary refinishing method and checklist to give you the best possible service in your Wentzville, MO home. The initial step is to thoroughly clean the surface. Any soap scum, dirt, or grime needs to be removed before any refinishing can take place. After the surface is clean and dry, our staff will fix and seal any dents, cracks, or chips, creating a smooth surface for the refinishing process. We then apply our bonding agent to make sure a solid bond exists between the new finish and the old surface.

Finally, we apply our top-of-the-line, unrivaled acrylic coating and polish the surface to ensure that new look. You won’t be able to differentiate between your newly refinished bathroom and a brand new one. A New Look Resurfacing prides itself on high quality craftsmanship and customer service at an affordable price throughout the Wentzville, MO area.

Connect With a Leader in Wentzville, MO Bathroom Refinishing | A New Look Resurfacing

If you are tired of looking at a dated or damaged bathtub, shower, sink, counter, or tile work, why not try something new? A New Look Resurfacing is a trusted company for high quality bathroom refinishing. We fix stains, cracks, chips, and signs of age in Wentzville, MO bathrooms. Our highly trained team takes care of everything, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We never skip steps in the refinishing process and use only the finest materials available.

A New Look Resurfacing is ready for you in Wentzville, MO, whenever you are ready for bathroom refinishing. Text us images of your bathroom for a fast and easy quote, contact us online, or call us right now at (314) 368-6198.