Bathtub Crack Repair: Bathtub and Shower Inlay Kits

Bathtub crack repair in St. Louis. Our bath and shower inlay kits permanently fix cracks & damage on bath and shower floors. Each inlay is custom-designed to your measurements to ensure the best possible fit. They are made of a commercial-grade material and have a built-in anti-slip for your safety. They will never crack, wear out or delaminate from your bathtub or shower floor.

Our inlays are guaranteed to stay permanently adhered to the bottom of the bath or shower due to a process known as fusion. Our specially-formulated adhesive creates a chemical reaction that permanently bonds the inlay to the bottom of the tub or shower so the two surfaces become one.

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Fast, Affordable, Permanent Bathtub Crack Repair in St. Louis

No need to replace an entire bathtub or shower unit when it is cracked or damaged.

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a messy job that could leave you without a bathroom for 2-4 weeks!

Each inlay is custom-designed to seamlessly fit your measurements.

  • 1 hour installation time
  • Ready to use in 24 hours or less
  • A cost-effective structural repair

Bathtub Crack Repair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a bath or shower inlay? A bath & shower inlay provides a permanent and cost-effective solution for cracked, worn, or leaking bathtub and shower floors. Instead of replacing the entire unit, which is extremely expensive, messy & time-consuming, we offer a better option for permanent bath & shower floor repair. Our bathtub & shower inlays are computer-designed, custommanufactured laminates made from a durable non-slip material that permanently adheres to the bottom of the bathtub or shower floor. Our inlays will never crack, wear out, or delaminate from the bathtub floor. They are guaranteed to last the life of your bathtub or shower. It’s a one and done fix every time!

How do bath and shower inlays work? Our inlay kit comes with a custom-made bathtub or shower liner designed to fit the dimensions and shape of your bathtub or shower floor. It is installed with a special two-part adhesive, which creates a heat fusion reaction to permanently bond it to the bottom of your bath or shower floor. Where other glues and adhesives are limited in their ability to hold under constant pressure and stress, our adhesive causes a chemical process that allows the inlay and the bath or shower floor to fuse together and become one. It’s a permanent structural repair that provides 3x the strength of your original bath or shower floor.

Why should I install an inlay? Once a bath or shower floor becomes cracked, damaged, or worn out, there really aren't any permanent or affordable repair options except for replacing the entire unit. The average cost to replace a bathtub or shower unit can be thousands of dollars and it's intrusive, messy, and time-consuming. Why would you go through all that cost and hassle, especially when it's only the small area of the tub or shower floor that needs to be fixed? At a fraction of the cost, our easy-to-install bathtub & shower inlay kits are designed and manufactured on the spot for fast turnaround time so you won't be without your bath or shower for long. Once the inlay is installed (1-2 hr. job) the bathtub or shower can be used again in 24 hours or less. This is a cost-effective, permanent & high-quality fix that makes the bathtub stronger and safer with its built-in, non-slip surface.

How is this product different from other bathtub inlays? Our product has been time-tested for over twenty years and is the only commercial-grade quality inlay kit that exists for residential use. Other inlay kits lack the quality needed to permanently fix the structural issues of a tub or shower crack. They are cosmetic band-aids sold with a tube of caulk that will come eventually come undone after so many uses. Our inlay kit is not a temporary fix- it is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the bath or shower. Our specially-formulated adhesive was designed by a chemist to permanently fuse the inlay to the surface it is being applied to so you never have to worry about the structural integrity of your bath and shower. This is the real deal!

What sizes and colors are available? Each inlay is specially designed with our cutting-edge computer program to precisely suit the dimensions of your bathtub or shower floor. We take pride in our ability to do custom work from your measurements or pattern for the best fit every time. Our inlays come in white and bone.

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