Q: Is the newly resurfaced bathtub slippery?

A: Yes, resurfaced bathtubs can be a bit more slippery than your original. However, we install a non-slip surface in every resurfaced tub bottom, unless otherwise directed by the customer. This is recommended by our trained technicians for the safety of our customers throughout Greater St. Louis.

Obviously no one wants to slip and fall in the tub or shower. This is particularly important for seniors, children, and even pets. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults aged 65 years and older – with over 1.5 million people seeking emergency care every year. Showers are one of the most at-risk areas. Additionally, more than 43,000 children receive emergency treatment for bathtub- and shower-related injuries.

When resurfacing your bathtub, we finish the bottom with a specially formulated silica sand additive to create slip resistance and improve safety. Following resurfacing, do not use a bathmat. This will cause a reaction with the new surface and hot water, and lift or peel the coating. Using a bathmat, along with using harsh chemical-based cleaners, can void your warranty.

If you’re tired of looking at that worn out, faded, cracked, or chipped bathtub, why not try A New Look? We have been in business for over 22 years and use only the finest materials available for a bathtub resurface and never skip steps in the process in order to make your bathtub look and feel brand new. Don’t spend upwards of $5,000 replacing your tub and crossing your fingers that it doesn’t fade, chip, or crack. Refinish it with A New Look Resurfacing and our 5-year warranty.

We’ll save you time and money on a resurfaced bathtub. Contact us, call us at (314) 368-6198, or text us pictures of your tub to get a fast and easy estimate or free consultation.

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