Q: Should I get my bathtub resurfaced or replaced?

A: Resurfacing is a much more affordable option that can make most bathtubs look and function like new again. The ultimate decision about whether to resurface or replace comes down to an individual homeowner and your unique situation.

Deciding whether to resurface or replace your bathtub depends on several factors, including the condition of your tub, budget, and renovation goals. Here's some things to consider as you work to make an informed decision:

  • Condition of the Bathtub
    • Resurface: If your bathtub is structurally sound but has surface-level issues like stains, cracks, or chips, resurfacing can make your tub look it's brand new. Resurfacing can effectively get rid of rust in the tub, and can repair web-like cracks in fiberglass..
    • Replace: If your bathtub is severely damaged, has extensive cracks, has rust from underneath or behind the tub, or is leaking, the damage may be too extensive for resurfacing to fix. Deeper fiberglass cracks typically cannot be resurfaced and call for replacement.
  • Cost Considerations
  • Time and Convenience
    • Resurfacing: Resurfacing takes just 5-6 hours, with an additional day or two for the curing process. While during that time you won't be able to use your tub, the rest of your bathroom will function normally.
    • Replacement: Replacing a bathtub is a more time-consuming and invasive process, often requiring several days to complete, especially if it involves extensive plumbing work, remodeling, or making repairs to the surrounding walls. The work may put your bathroom out of commission for a few days.
  • Environmental Impact
    • Resurfacing: If you're environmentally conscious, by choosing to resurface, you're making an eco-friendly choice by reducing landfill waste. It's a great way to recycle and extend the life of your existing tub.
    • Replacement: Replacement contributes to more waste, as the old tub typically ends up in a landfill.
  • Aesthetic and Design Goals
    • Resurfacing: If you are generally happy with the design and placement of your current tub but want to upgrade its look without changes to the rest of your bathroom, resurfacing is usually a better option.
    • Replacement: If you're undergoing a complete bathroom remodel and want a different size, style, or bathtub design, replacing the tub would align better with your goals.

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