Fiberglass Tub Repair Ladue, MO

Fiberglass tub repair in Ladue, MO. Fiberglass bathtubs are a popular choice for Ladue, MO homeowners because of their affordability, durability, and versatility in design. However, as time passes, these tubs can experience wear and tear, resulting in unsightly cracks, chips, or a dull and faded appearance. In such circumstances, A New Look Resurfacing is here to save the day, offering unparalleled fiberglass tub repair services. This expert service effectively rejuvenates your Ladue, MO tub, restoring its shine and significantly extending its lifespan.

Don’t hesitate, as minor chips or cracks can quickly become major leaks. Give A New Look Resurfacing a call as soon as possible at (314) 368-6198 or text us photos of your fiberglass tub to get a fast and easy estimate or free consultation in Ladue, MO.

Why Should A New Look Resurfacing Handle My Ladue, MO Fiberglass Tub Repair?

Boasting an extensive 22-year track record dedicated to top-notch fiberglass tub repairs, prioritizing excellence over volume of work, A New Look Resurfacing is the go-to choice for Ladue, MO residents seeking affordable solutions for their homes. Employing cutting-edge techniques and the expertise of skilled contractors, we renovate and restore your fiberglass bathtub, ensuring a like-new appearance and a long-lasting finish that endures the test of time.

Our fiberglass tub repair in Ladue, MO and throughout Greater St. Louis is proven to be effective, and we stand behind our work. Our Ladue, MO customers are pleased to contact A New Look Resurfacing for tub repair.

Reasons to Choose A New Look Resurfacing For Your Fiberglass Tub Repair in Ladue, MO

  • Reliable
  • Same day service
  • Quick estimates
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable rates
  • Professional
  • Family owned and operated
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Experienced
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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How Does A New Look Resurfacing Repair My Fiberglass Tub in Ladue, MO?

The top-notch solution for repairing fiberglass bathtubs is our popular bath and shower inlay kits. They effectively and permanently fix cracks and damage on bath and shower floors. We fuse our custom built inlays, which are made of commercial-grade material with a built-in anti-slip for your safety, to the bottom of your fiberglass tub with our specially formulated adhesive.

Our inlay kits are cost-effective, and provide a permanent fiberglass bathtub repair in Ladue, MO and throughout the St. Louis area. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a messy, costly bathtub replacement that could leave you without a functioning bathroom for as many as 2-4 weeks. Each inlay is meticulously customized to seamlessly fit the dimensions of your fiberglass tub. Our inlay kits feature:

  • An affordable structural repair that provides three times the strength of your original fiberglass floor
  • Approximately 1 hour installation time
  • Will never crack, wear out, or delaminate from the floor
  • Ready to use in 24 hours or less

Is your Ladue, MO fiberglass tub showing years of grime and residue from hard water, soap scum, or improper cleaning practices? Perhaps you’re dealing with unsightly cracks or, worse yet a hole in the bottom of your tub? It could be that excessive bleaching has left your bathtub discolored and faded? Or maybe you simply can’t bear the avocado green color the previous owners rocked? Whatever the situation, fret not – A New Look Resurfacing is here to help. Give us a call now at (314) 368-6198 or text us photos of your tub to get a fast and easy estimate.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing A New Look Resurfacing For Fiberglass Tub Repair in Ladue, MO?

Opting for fiberglass tub repair in Ladue, MO by A New Look Resurfacing proves to be a practical and budget-friendly decision. The following are some of the benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement
  • One of the main benefits of choosing A New Look Resurfacing for fiberglass tub repair is the cost-effectiveness it offers. Repairing a tub is substantially more affordable than replacing the entire unit, which costs, on average, nearly $3,000 but can reach upwards of $10,000, according to Architectural Digest. The cost of repairing, dependent upon several factors, is an estimated one-third the cost of a full replacement.

  • Preservation of Original Design
  • Choosing fiberglass tub repair in Ladue, MO ensures the preservation of your fiberglass bathtub’s original design and aesthetics. The repaired section, whether refinished or enhanced with an inlay, seamlessly integrates with the rest of the tub, maintaining its distinct appearance, texture, and allure. This aspect is especially crucial if you own a unique or custom-designed fiberglass tub that would pose challenges to replicate accurately.

  • Time-Efficient Solution
  • Opting for tub repair significantly trims down the time required compared to the process of acquiring a new tub, placing an order, and executing the replacement. The proficient contractors at A New Look Resurfacing can often finish fiberglass tub repairs within a few hours, allowing you to use your bathtub again in a relatively short time frame. Conversely, the process or replacing a bathtub involves extensive timelines, spanning from the removal of the old tub, addressing plumbing and drainage considerations, surface preparation, priming, and the final installation, which can take days or even weeks.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Repairing a fiberglass tub demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing repair over replacement, you actively reduce the demand for new materials and play a part in minimizing waste generation. Moreover, A New Look Resurfacing exclusively uses low-VOC, environmentally friendly products with minimal odor. Our dedicated tub repair experts in Ladue, MO are equipped with all the necessary tools and protective gear to ensure that your home and nearby areas remain protected from any potential fumes or dust particles.

  • Customized Solutions
  • The exclusive coating and sealant used in our bathtub reglazing service exhibits remarkable durability, providing lasting results for numerous years with appropriate care and maintenance. Both our reglazing services and inlays offer you the opportunity to customize the appearance of your fiberglass bathtub. Fed up with that antiquated mauve shade? No need to worry. Whether through reglazing or inlays, we can transform your bathtub into virtually any color you desire. Give us a call right away at (314) 368-6198 or contact us online.

    Along with our fiberglass tub repair throughout the Ladue, MO area, A New Look Resurfacing provides the following services for our Ladue, MO customers:

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    How to Prolong the Life Of Your Fiberglass Tub in Ladue, MO

    With A New Look Resurfacing at your service, bid farewell to the era of discolored, stained, chipped, or cracked fiberglass tubs, reminiscent of a color palette from the 1980s 64-box-set of crayons – envision hues such as raw umber, goldenrod, or burnt sienna. Here are some valuable tips to make sure your fiberglass bathtub remains in pristine condition for decades to come:

    • Clean routinely: Consistent and regular cleaning in Ladue, MO is paramount in preserving the fresh, immaculate appearance of your fiberglass bathtub. Wipe down the surface using a mild cleaner and a soft cloth, non-scratch scrub pad, or sponge regularly, and give it a bit of a deeper clean every few weeks to keep your bathtub looking new.
    • Stay away from abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals: Steer clear of utilizing abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or corrosive drain cleaners, as they can cause surface damage to your fiberglass bathtub ultimately reducing its longevity. Opt for gentler, pH-neutral cleaners, and refrain from using abrasive scrubbers.
    • Reapply a protective coating or sealant: If your fiberglass tub begins to show signs of wear and tear – cracks, chips, or fading – A New Look Resurfacing can reapply our proprietary sealant to restore its appearance. We suggest this every 3-5 years.
    • Avoid excessive impact: Exercise caution and avoid subjecting your Ladue, MO fiberglass bathtub to excessive force, like dropping heavy objects or bumping it forcefully. This precaution is essential to prevent chipping or other forms of damage to surface.

    Connect With the Ladue, MO Leader in Fiberglass Tub Repair | A New Look Resurfacing

    If you’re fed up with the sight of your aging or damaged fiberglass tub, it’s time for a new look. The skilled specialists at A New Look Resurfacing fix chips, cracks, stains, and discoloration in Ladue, MO fiberglass bathtubs.

    Give us a call now at (314) 368-6198, contact us online, or text us photos of your fiberglass bathtub for a swift and straightforward estimate or a complimentary consultation. Let us help you save both time and money on top-notch fiberglass tub repair in Ladue, MO.